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Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and enhancing their natural beauty can transform your entire look. LVL Lashes and Defined Brows are two popular beauty treatments designed to elevate your eyes, providing a striking yet natural enhancement.
LVL is the amazing lash lift treatment from Nouveau Lashes® which lifts the lashes straight from the root, and fixes them in position with the addition of a tint, donating them Lift, Volume and Length. 
Defined Brows is the ultimate makeover for your brows: shape, tint and trim for brows on fleek! 
Of course they're both available with or without the tint, and tint colours are tailored to suit you. 
Beautiful eyes
LVL Before & After
The first appointment is only for a quick 5 minutes patch test (to make sure you don't have any strong allergies to the products involved), to be performed at least 48 hrs before treatment. 
On the treatment day, allow 1 hour for LVL and 20-30 minutes for Defined Brows. 
Both results will fade and relax back to normal in the following 4-6 weeks.
For Defined Brows you have literally no aftercare, as soon as you walk out you’re ready to go as normal.
LVL will require you to keep your lashes completely dry for 48hrs: no water, no creams, makeup, oils or steam… shower with goggles anyone?
After the first 48hrs have passed the chemical reaction is complete and you can enjoy your brows and lashes as normal… but better!
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